Personal Growth

For me, I assumed personal growth was to keep educating myself, through actual schooling. In high school, I took night classes, so that I could graduate early and move on to college. Well, when I moved in with my father, I stopped the night classes and finished high school. Then, I went to the military and that hindered my education once again.

When I served my tour in Iraq, I attempted to attend an online college, so that I could get my basic classes out of the way. About 3 classes in, the government starting pulling troops out of Iraq and the internet was scarce where I was stationed: Balad, Iraq. This affected my classes and I had to use a military withdraw from that school. When I discharged in 2013, it took me about a year to get my civilian life together before I used my GI Bill to attend Sam Houston State, and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Now…it’s my time to shine and put all my knowledge toward helping others. I can expand my current knowledge by just reading, researching, and analyzing more. I can turn my knowledge into learning for others. Out of all the philosophy and economic classes I took, I could expand almost any topic into a discussion and with my current condition, I believe that blogging will become my go-to thing because I am mostly homebound.

Today, I was listening to Rachel Hollis’ recent keynote conference podcast, and it was mostly about personal growth/development. It hit me hard because I have nothing to shoot for. I feel as if I am only a stay-at-home mom & wife. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I feel like there’s something more for me. I am still very young snd have years to accomplish something, and this is why I started writing.

In this podcast, one topic that hit hard was the fact that we shouldn’t care about what other people think when we are shooting for what we dream for. To be honest, I don’t know what I ‘actually’ dream for, but I do know that there could be something for me if I strived for it. However, my spouse isn’t too supportive in my wish to write and take photos. For whatever reason, he assumes that when I go to write at night (or early in the morning), that I am doing other things that a wife shouldn’t be doing. To be completely honest, I do absolutely nothing at all, which is why I don’t understand why I can’t just write without mean comments. This puts me down and I tend to not write or photograph when these things happen. I take this very personally, since these are my favorite things to do.

**NOTE: While I was listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast, I looked over at my daughter in her play pen and she had her mouth wide open trying to chew on the plastic gate itself. It was hilarious because she looked like a total goof…and a giraffe.


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