Day 1

Here I am at 6 am thinking of what to write. Its not even that I cannot think of what to write, but that I have SO much to write and I do not know where to begin. All of my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge will be going into my newly started Wattpad book, A Woman & Her Thoughts. When I finish parts, then I will announce it. My first book is really an autobiography, mainly for my children. Their grandfather died at 44, 3 years ago, and their not even old enough to understand that. I wanted to put my life, my experiences, in writing so that they will know the truth of me, and their family, one day.

I have no intention of anyone else actually reading it, but it’s healthy to write or speak to someone. I, no joke, do not talk to ANYONE outside my family/household. I don’t have a social life and I find it unhealthy for myself to always be alone; therefore came the blog! I am super excited about trying this out. I want to make it a daily habit, but I have 2 kids under age 4…my house never sleeps.img_0652

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